Miracle-working icon of Our Lady of Kazan


O fervent intercessor, Mother of the Lord Most High, thou dost pray to thy Son Christ our God and savest all who seek thy protection. O Sovereign Lady and Queen, help and defend all of us who in trouble and trials, in pain and burdened with sins, stand in thy presence before thine icon, and who pray with compunction, contrition, and tears and with unflagging hope in thee. Grant what is good for us, deliverance from evil,and save us all, O Virgin Mother of God, for thou art a divine protection to thy servants.

The book tells the story of the discovery and veneration of one of Russia's most holy relics – the icon of Our Lady of Kazan. This illustrated edition is the outcome of a long project by a large team of scholars and researchers, intended for a wide variety of readers. Book size 70x100 1/8 (220x310 mm).

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Book presentation in the Kazan Kremlin

Book presentation in Paris

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