Kazan Kremlin


The Kazan Kremlin is a symbol of Tatarstan’s statehood The Kazan Kremlin is a special place. It is a symbol of continuity of our traditions, of cultural interactions between people and religions, a symbol of the state authority. The Kremlin is the most picturesque part of our millennium-old city, and every visitor here has a chance to feel the living history of our nation.

It was here in the Kremlin that Tatarstan’s statehood, religious and cultural life has concentrated for many centuries. Where the President’s house now stands, once rose the palace of the Khans. Many Tatar men of culture were active here, such as Qol Sharif, a poet, thinker and scholar. It is not surprising that the mosque built to commemorate the millennium celebration, bears his name. Many objects in the Kremlin have a rich history of their own — the Public Offices compound, the Cadet’s School, the Artillery Cannon Foundry. It is highly symbolic that at the very heart of Kazan stands a monument to the architects, whose work created all of its walls, towers and palaces.

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