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"How can we convey this love to the future generations? Communication and storing information get more sophisticated day by day. But I am convinced that the book will always remain something special. Just open a volume with a lot of beautiful photos featuring sunrises and sunsets on the Volga, endless cornfields, happy faces of our countrymen, and you will see that the historical connection hasn’t been broken. Such a book in itself is a piece of the world which we call homeland.

The book in front of you is fascinating because the authors are open about their own feelings. They were born andgrew up in Tatarstan. They have been able to capture and select the most spectacular, the most emotional moments, since every rayon, every town, and even every village in Tatarstan has its own features, its legends, its specialty... I think this is tremendously important. We are all different, we are all special, and that’s what attracts others. This diversity has shaped the unique image of our land."

President The Republic of Tatarstan
R.N. Minnikhanov

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